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“Platforming Approach”   is associates development of   “Conventional Application Development”  and a technique exploitation which: 

  • Custom-built data Technology (IT) solutions area unit developed quickly to fulfill the requirements of the business lines.
  • A homogenous and rationalized IT design is made.
  • Vedant Technosys excels in legislation development, thinking and integration services by providing solutions supported “Platforming view”. This avert development as “application silos”.


We have developed:

  • Data Management and Content Management platforms.
  • Social Housing selection based mostly profit systems.
  • Social Media platforms for presidency.
  • Business rating Tools for medium.


Why Platforming?

Traditionally custom based mostly custom code development has relied on writing completely different code practicality from scratch when elaborate necessities capture.

The truth but is that lots of functionalities needed by a custom merchandise area unit offered as normal next generation code elements offered conspicuously at intervals open supply (such as on-line forms, Single check in, Exception Handling jobs, Logging jobs, Auditing jobs, UI development). These is used as “packaged” frameworks used out of the box with very little customization to agency “key aspects” of the merchandise or application being developed.

Our approach to code development is predicated on:

  • The open supply model.
  • Platforming.
  • Agile code development practices.
  • Offshore delivery model.
  • PrePackaged frameworks and libraries.
  • Understanding Support necessities for Open supply Solutions.
  • Open supply solutions area unit integrated technologies cemented as an answer Platform.
The support services so conjointly have to be compelled to support many elements operating in unison. this needs a high degree of architectural discipline subject subject area subject field field field of study study bailiwick branch of data fine arts beaux arts understanding and knowledge of latest community developments to unendingly improve and supply business continuity for the answer.


Our Support Models:

  • Support models area unit terribly versatile starting from a mission essential have to be compelled to support the complete resolution through to unexpected support needed on specific frameworks.
  • We support all our integration comes, white label platforms that we have a tendency to build and open supply solutions we have a tendency to implement. Most of our support capabilities area unit centred around leading open supply technologies like Alfresco, Liferay, Pentaho and lots of a lot of that area unit a part of our OSSExpert Toolkit.
  • The around the Clock “Production Grade Support” setting includes of an ardent team to appear at plan of action solutions for mission essential systems. we’ve got custom-built solutions to appear into every shopper desires and address them within the most value effective manner.


The support offerings is classified in three completely different areas:

  • Double-geared towards enterprise customers United Nations agency have a demand for “round the clock” support for open supply solutions developed by Vedant Technosys. the assembly support set up is good for mission-critical applications and enterprises that need business-critical SLAs and 24 x 7 x 365 support coverage, and a reaction time of half-hour or less. Support incidents could also be rumored via phone/Skype or our Request trailing client support portal.
  • A scaled down version of Production support for those customers whose desires area unit glad by a twelve x five business week support coverage, and a reaction time of four business hours. Basic support works well for division applications and tiny to mid-sized corporations. Support incidents could also be rumored via phone/Skype or the Request trailing client support portal.
  • Instant or Snap Support that permits enterprises to lift an advertisement hoc question having purchased a group range of hours of support every month. This works for businesses that have already got a support or IT team however need third line support time to time.